"Our suppliers were chosen to offer the best service by following our principles".


B certified water Company which donates 100% of their profits to foundations who helps the most vulnerable people of Chile. 100% of their packagings are recycled and they exchange old products for new ones


First and only textile Company friendly with the environment and free of toxic substances such as heavy metals and carcering colorants

GT - Dorel

Bicycle brand represented by Dorel which promotes the bicycles as a conveyance in order to reduce the environmental impact.

Green Glass

B certified glass Company which promotes the recycling by producing glasses of reccled bottles.


Company focused on the development, production and selling of innovated sports and leisure products of the best quality. Bestway recycles all the garbage they produce through their value chain and use renewable energy through all their proccesses. Finally, the business participates on the Carbon Diclosure Projet which measures the energy usage and the efficency of Bestway´s companys.


Company which promotes sustainability. They offer tangible and intangible tools (Green ideas) to reduce the carbon footprints in ordinary actions.


B certified Company which offer to the market handmade products produced by chilean artisans. A sustainable change agent that generates jobs positions and which promotes the principles of fair-trade.


Hostería Zapallar

Moisés Chacón 266, Zapallar - V Región

contact/reservations: +56 9 99446566

Santiago office:

+56 2 2769 7216 / +56 9 5363 1810


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