"Hostería Zapallar Hostería Zapallar is part of one of the undertakings of company B, Cridem. Hostería Zapallar is a sustainable company located in the fifth region, specifically in the commune of Zapallar. Currently this company contributes to the commune through sustainable practices in different areas, such as:"

Recycling: Hostería Zapallar has waste recycling dispensers. This is that all waste used during the stay of the guests can be recycled through dispensers for each classification of waste.

Composting: On the other hand, we have a composter that allows you to get rid of organic waste.

Handmade furniture: Hostería Zapallar owns part of its furniture, whether handmade furniture, beds or shelves to promote sustainability and local work.

Rupestre: The sister brand responsible for bringing nature and art closer together through handmade products and fair trade, is part of the furniture found in Hostería Zapallar.

Inclusive decoration: Hostería Zapallar works together with the ArteDown Foundation where children with this condition draw and paint pictures with which we help decorate our hostel.

Social responsability: As a team, we not only take care of our environment, but also our neighbors and our community. Hostería Zapallar is concerned with promoting tourism in the area, keeping it clean, helping work in it and promoting the use of bicycles instead of cars. He also works with local artisans and members of ArteDown.

Local work: The work in Hostería Zapallar is carried out by a local team in charge of everything that is administration and cleaning.

Accessibility: Our spaces in the Inn are suitable and accessible for all types of people, helping in the access of wheelchairs.


Hostería Zapallar

Moisés Chacón 266, Zapallar - V Región

contact/reservations: +56 9 99446566

Santiago office:

+56 2 2769 7216 / +56 9 5363 1810


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